Settlement of the estate

Unburden your heirs
Regularly it occurs that after death the relatives don’t know how their beloved one wanted to settle his affairs. Do not burden them with an emotional search. Register your wishes while you are still alive. I will record all your wishes such as your funeral wishes, will, insurance policies, prenuptial agreements, information about donations, a codicil and (login) data social media and internet. Not in eternity. The file can be complemented during your life.

Practical support
In case of a death you might need practical support from an expert.
- approach funeral director
- notify banks, employers, insurance companies, home care institutions, agencies
- quick clearance of a nursing home room
- cancel subscriptions, rent, gas / water / light
- find accommodation for pets
- for remaining person applications income, allowances, remission, tax return
- applications and accountability for personal budget Wlz and Wmo

Testamentary guardianship
Suppose you are recently divorced and your minor children live with your ex. If you die now, your inheritance will go to your children. Because they are minors, your ex as the legal representative of your children is authorized to control your estate. Is this what you want? If not, you can appoint a testamentary guardian in your will.

Employing Balans Professional Organizing can lead to cost savings. I provide the most optimal financial settlement, for example by arranging for a refund of income tax or reclaiming premiums that have been paid too much.

Registration inheritance (alive) single                                       €   495,00 incl BTW
Registration inheritance (alive) couple                                      €   795,00 incl BTW
Basic proceedings settlement of the estate *                            € 2.500,00 incl BTW
Additional proceedings hourly rate **                                      €    130,00 incl BTW

*   Administrative work, such as informing authorities
     Financial work, such as the collection of receivables and insurance payments, the payment of debts
     Drawing estate report and final distribution
     Payment of the inheritance shares
** for instance, distribution of the household effects, sale of the house, mediation in conflicts

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