Corporate Professional Organizing

You are busy. You have so much to do, both at work and outside. Everything seems important. Do you recognize this? We require a lot of ourselves. We do not want to miss anything and saying "no" can be tricky. You regularly experience stress at work and feel rushed. Your work-life balance gets disturbed. This can lead to burn out and even to absence due to sickness.


Some figures (see NBPO fact sheet)
The daily delussions lead to inefficient work: 49% of employees feel they have to multi-task
Work-life balance is under pressure: 33% of employees experience an imbalance regularly or often
Work stress is occupational disease number 1 in the Netherlands: 14% of employees suffer from burn out complaints

Take action in time!
Balans Professional Organizing supports you in the following:

Rates Professional Organizing corporate from January 1, 2023
Before starting an assignment, Balans Professional Organizing will conduct an interview with you at your office of about an hour to be able to offer an accurate cost estimate. Your wishes and desires will be discussed and also what we can contribute.

For business clients                   € 107.50 per hour excluding VAT

Please contact me for more information.